Mad World reports on what councils collect for recycling at kerbside

An Assessment of Materials Collected for Recycling at Kerbside New Zealand and Australia

An assessment of materials collected for recycling at kerbside.pdf

A frequent question by brand owners is whether packaging is recyclable or compostable in New Zealand. The rule of thumb has traditionally been that if over 70% of the population has access to a recycling service for a particular product, then it can be labelled as “recyclable”. In Australia the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines set this bar at 80%.

With the commitment by many New Zealand brands, retailers and manufacturers to using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging in their New Zealand operations by 2025 or earlier, we have been asked by several clients and companies about the level of acceptance by council collections for packaging types around the country.   

This report provides an analysis of the range of recyclable packaging materials that different councils throughout New Zealand and Australia will accept. This research is based on information provided to consumers and householders on council websites.

New Zealand has an average acceptance rate of 64% across all materials (excluding organics), while Australia’s acceptance rate is higher at 89%.